20 February 2019

New 4 colour screen print, it's bigger than A1!

Some signage I did for the East London Printmakers open studio.

01 February 2019

Some quick Editorial illustrations done over the last few months for Moneywise magazine

25 January 2019

Live illustration for a workshop run at Imperial College in London at a 'Sandpit Innovation' workshop (a bit like a hackathon) on new ways of dealing with patient communication where Hearing Loss is involved. 

26 September 2018

Part of a set of little sketches for a slide show for Human Qualities, a firm of business psychologists. 

12 July 2018

2 new screen prints, I have started using instagram to show some of my less corporate illustration work, mostly screen prints- you can find me @anniestraus

20 March 2018

Poster for Comedy Night at The Bill Murry

23 February 2018

Some little illustrations done for Swedbank, a snippet of the work I did for them after spending a week with them ver in Stockholm.

30 March 2017

Well I have not posted anything for a while but work carries on. I spent ages painting the above picture, which is actually huge in size and took ages. I also joined a screen printing studio. At some point in the summer I am hoping to exhibit some of the prints, do get in touch if you know of a good London venue. I joined Instagram and you can see some of the prints and stuff I've been up to on there (@anniestraus)

Also I added a few examples of my scribing (also known as graphic facilitation) onto my website- I've previously kept that type of work seperate from my illustration but recently figured it's all coming out of the same hand so why be coy about it. More soon!

25 August 2016

02 August 2016

Some wall painting for Seen Display at the Tea Buildings. No faffing quick sketches then getting to it.

04 May 2016

I enjoyed doing a few days of live painting at the VM & Display show at the Business Design Centre in London a few weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who came and paid me a visit on my doodling days.

07 April 2016

I did a load of editorial illustrations for the Mail Online about an anonymous couple of first time buyers trying to navigate the minefield of dodgy estate agents, overpriced and dramatically damp flats, and tricks of the trade in their pursuit for a home. Read some of the articles here, here, here and with a bit of a happy ending - here

08 October 2015

Celebrating light in darkness and the triumph of good, this festival of light is one of the most magical, colourful and welcoming. The above is my first and second poster drafts for the celebrations at the community gardens in East Ham, a beautiful and inclusive place full of hard working chutney making, pumpkin baking staff and volunteers, a perfect venue to celebrate Diwali.

28 August 2015

One of my absolute favourite projects so far this year was being commissioned by The Spark to create an instillation depicting their specially commissioned poem celebrating the 75th anniversary of Southfields Library (now re-opened and re-vamped and re-named 'Pork Pie Library and Community Centre' ) It was great to approach them with a design and be given the freedom to go ahead and create it from scratch. It's a permanent piece so you can sit back down and have one more cup of tea before rushing over there in hoards.